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anchor your assets lease guaranty that goes by anchoryourassets.com and anchoryourassetsinc.com advertises that you get an apartment approval without "paying a dime" upfront right on their webiste, front and center. when you apply and get ready to use their service you are told by a kevin jackson that it costs $497 up front to start the service- without any approval like they advertise on their webiste.

i googled their address online and this company has no real office and is located at a PO box in New York purchased from https://www.earthclassmail.com/addresses/ny there is not telling where these scam-artists are really located... they say they are at this 'office' but the PO box company confirmed there are no real offices at this location and only a 'virtual PO box'...

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: provide my lease guaranteed as advertised 'free' and 'without a dime' until approved.

I didn't like: Lies on advertising, Bait and switch, Rude customer service when you ask too many questions, Fake company address.

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Well, I used it 2/2017..they.are.a.scam.

to AYA sucks #1388287

anchoryourassets.com couldnt rip any more people off with this website so they started another website called http://optimainvitational.com

Brentwood, California, United States #1333378


I can truly say Anchor Your Assets isn't a scam. I used them in March 2017 and moved into my apartment in April 2017 and you are required to pay the $495.00 up front and the $1,000.00 when approved.

Like you I wasn't sure about this company also but rest assure they legit and just for the record I don't work for them and I'm not getting paid to write this they are real.

to Netty #1360878

After your 1 year lease over, they're asking whatever the monthly payment your paying the apartment to go on month to month basis. Is this really the case for Anchor assets ?

to Nicole #1372002

It's $1,000 to renew it, doesnt matter how much your rent is

to Netty #1371798

These negative comments are the ones that mess up the program, i moved in this month actually. Thank God for this business cause my family needed a home desperately.

It just took them 3 days to get us moved in, which im soooo thankful for.

The fees are there but i would say its worth it.

And no one else called me but their company, i was just dealing with them, they have our socials for their security being lease holders. but i trust them enough since they got my family a place to live in.

to Stacey #1430954

Are you still in your apartment? Any issues? Who do you pay rent to?

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